Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde ApS



The Library of Varna will host traditional library activities paired with a modern fluid exchange of knowledge between guests and staff. It will be a cultural and social knowledge-hub in the city. We have designed the library as a meeting point by ensuring close connections and strong visual contacts across departments and interlacing indoor and outdoor spaces. We have designed the library as an iconic sculpture of books. The bookcase-like facade filters the daylight to create soft, beautifully lit interiors perfect for reading and learning. Inside the library the collections are displayed in multiple ways in order to create a unique interior landscape for each reading area.The stairs act as symbols of meeting and connection. They connect functional areas and serve as informal seating areas –for lone readers watching other people or for groups debating and socializing. They are iconic, easily recognizable navigation points inside and outside – Let's meet up at the book-steps of Varna!
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