“I will wait for you in the library… …OK, SEE YOU AT THE FRONT STAIRS.” Light house: Visible from the sea, surrounding hills and every building in Varna, it aims to be a statement for a modern lifestyle and a role model for the city. Open shell: Hard outside – warm and comfortable insideAs a shell, protecting and yet showing its treasure, it shelters the books and visitors while open to the horizon and to the world around it. Staircase: A big welcoming gesture and an invitation into the library, it works as a semi-public area linking between the inside and outside. A place to meet and relax. Elevated entrance floor: Still connected to the street and yet quite and remote, it shifts your attention from the vivid city to the silent atmosphere of a library. Extraordinary vertical circulation: With spectacular staircases, a panorama elevator and partly open ceilings it offers transparency and openness creating a communicative atmosphere. Ground level built-up area 2.447 sqm Total built-up area of the overground levels 18.368 sqm Total area of the landscape 1.256 sqm parking spots in the underground garage 336 spots
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