CONCEPT The Varna Library will have the genesis in the complexity of knowledge and the rationality of its expression. This project rethinks the library through its most immediate expression in society: its architecture. What architecture? An architecture that rejects the simplistic response of the monumental authority, showcase of morality. An architecture that admits as genetic principle a certain complexity due to the superposition of historical experiments. As such, the implementation of the Library in a well defined urban context and its proximity to landmark buildings like the City Hall invites us to adopt some caution and modesty in the project’s design. An architecture that escapes far from static functional resolutions. It seems indeed that the articulation of the Library should help to promote exchanges, without overdetermining their nature between different generations. An architecture capable of finding its proper place in its immediate city contexts, without any effect of spectacularization, now anachronistic. An Architecture open to public visually and physically.
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