Dizarh Ltd



The face-wall treatment of the building is with a hanging structural facade and visible concrete and glass elements. This is an adequate solution for the specific environment. The use of visible concrete is replica of the Varna municipality building, which is executed this way. The high relief letters and inscriptions, placed on the visible concrete are elements, suggesting the function of the building, providing opportunity to touch its essence within seconds. The clear rectangular geometry and neat shapes add to elegance and harmonious outlines. The spacious terraces at level two to seven, which are partly covered, is a plastic solution of visible concrete and glass, and are abundantly planted. The wide horizontal band, enveloping the building on three sides between first and third level, has a stylobate effect and represents an original accent. The active greenery and flowers on the roofs is a possibility for realization of an ecological and esthetic environment. The building provokes curiosity, approval and desire to enter it for additional knowledge and emotions.
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