Varna Library – conceived as an architectural compound of: - transparent public space visible from the outside, thus arousing curiosity to experience it from within; - smooth spiral movement of the reading areas fully integrating all the visitors; - provocative vertical exposure attracting locals and tourists to experiment with different behavior; - orbital collocation of the archives – easily accessible from the library but not interfering with visitors’ trajectory; - leaning tower – a significant new element of the urban structure, creating a specific volume in its communication with Varna Municipality and also providing shading for the reading area by its NS orientation; - high ground perspective that allows for enjoying city’s main landmark - the Sea; - lower volume creating continuity with the lower volume of Varna Municipality; - green roof not only meeting the requirements for greenery but also providing open activities area. Ground level built-up area - 2 960 sq.m Total built-up area - 18 470 sq.m Total area of landscaped areas - 1 760 sq.m Number of parking spots - 324
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