Original Field of Architecture

United Kingdom (UK)


The Varna Library proposal provides a negotiation firstly between the physicality of the old and new city and secondly the symbolic role of a cultural institution in a changing world. Located adjacent to the municipal town hall the proposal reaffirms an existing precinct while commenting on the formality of public architecture. The building form is dictated by axial cuts reflecting the complex historical layering present in the city. The building mass is split into four building pillars separated by impressive void chasms. The splitting of the building mass provides a fragmentation of the experience of storing and accessing knowledge. Not unlike the brain hemispheres experiences are created within the main envelopes with connections and activities moving between the spatial zones. The proposal is a celebration of the city of Varna, its cultural and historical complexities as well as the universal pursuit of knowledge. In doing this our proposal reflects on tradition to create a playfully and engaging library that is inviting, open and transparent.
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