Deny Jones

United Kingdom (UK)


The massing of the building itself is a combination of different elements unique to the location of the site in the coastal city of Varna. The first symbolic reference point is the positioning of stones, washed smooth from the movement of the sea on the site. The stones are to appear in a ‘mother-daughter relationship’. The relationship between the new library and the municipal building is the traditional ‘host and parasite’ relationship. The shape of the ‘stones’ have also been informed by the traditional musical instruments of Bulgaria, the tambura, and the gadulka, both stringed instruments. The shape of the ‘stones’ is also influenced by the form of the letter Φ φ (Phi). This is a borrowed letter in the Bulgarian language and is usually found in words that are not of Bulgarian origin. This letter is used to symbolise Bulgaria’s confidence internationally, open mindedness and embrace of different cultures.
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