Kurokawa Architect, PLLC



A proposed Library embodies the spirit of both crystals and knowledge which equally inspire endless expression and interpretation. This project, like diamond cutting, carves out optimal planes from a maximum allowable building envelope in order to satisfy both aesthetic and programmatic means. South-East corner of the structure is sliced diagonally to mark an entry while exposing a box of knowledge to the cityscape. The building mass is carefully chiseled so that majority of clear glazing is facing north; protecting book collections from direct daylight. A peak of the building is clad with clear glass to provide panoramic view toward the Black Sea. The exquisiteness of a fine crystal is in its deep and complex luster. One discovers endless expressions of the object depending on one’s viewpoint or the light source. The proposal intends to magnetize a variety of events and people with different interests and age groups, in an attempt to cultivate knowledge into a realm of new discoveries.
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