UP «Architect`s Shkolnikov`s B.E.Atelier»



Sea breeze…. Sun light…..City with magnificent name Varna. It became an inspiration of the architecture image, which refers to the source of Bulgarian culture. A new public space is defined by the main entrance plaza, terraced volume of book storage and inner passage that connects municipality building and Bratya Miladinovi St., and creates the necessary open environment for different activities.To connect space around the municipality building and new library book storage volume was designed in a shape of amphitheater that is leading to the existing cascades and creates new open space.The building is surrounded by ornamental ponds. Stone walls are covered with greenery rise from the water surface and hide the book storage behind. Relief lettering on the wall surface is the wisdom statements of past generations thinkers. The main part of volume is an open transparent inviting structure of facade that engages visitors. The elevation shows a play of sunscreen panels, the pattern of perforated metal cladding is stylisized national ornament of grapevine and Bulgarian weaving.
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