Dave ten Hoope, Denny Chan



The Varna Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library in the city is a landmark for the city, carefully embedded in the historical context of its surroundings. The new ten-storey building houses the entire collection of the items which are currently scattered across six buildings throughout the city, whilst providing a suitable location for the depository for Bulgarian national literature. It offers the public a place of social interaction, exchange of knowledge, and a viewpoint from which the city and its beautiful surroundings can be gazed upon, whilst providing a comfortable working environment for the staff. While the library consists of various sections accessible to different users it functions as a cohesive, and provides the user with sensual stimuli as one advances through the building. The sequential order of the spaces offers different perspectives on the function of the library as a social construct, and on the urban surroundings. The atrium with its continuous staircase provides a panorama of the building in which all the different users can interact, exchange, and participate.
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