Gleb Moskovkin

Russian Federation


The main image idea is «stack of books on the massive table». «Table» is formed by solid storage base treated as bulwark with artificial slope and picturesque line of amphitheater steps around. This surprising spatial element enrich the public space, provide additional surface for greenery and outdoor activities. «Stack» is achieved by light library levels volume. Each level has a bit different shape and façade design, which make the image of books more comprehensible. Wooden horizontal elements, imitating lists of books, work as sun-protection elements on glass. The spatial idea is the three-dimensional evolution of the main green axe, created by 3 elements. 1-st Lower: artificial green slope leading from the street level to the main lobby. 2-nd Middle: open atrium on the main lobby level with plants and flowers, which provides daylight and natural ventilation to the central part of the building. 3-rd Upper: terraces on the library roofs with greenery, giving extra space for activities.
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