Roberto Giannerini - arcarete team



Reaching the new Varna Library in the broad daylight the skin of the building is shining brightly, a new landmark complementing the Town Hall. The Library displays easily recognisable structural elements. Looking at the Entrance, the Main Lobby with public services and Cafeteria are visible through the glass frame. A deep cut in the buiding skin displays a clear view of the wide vertical greenhouse, the oxygen and climatic rechargeable battery of the Library. Turning around the building is the massive shape of the Library Main Storage and Administration offices. The paths of visitors, books and staff never cross. The Underground Garage is easy to reach. Changing the scene, at dusk the new building is softly glowing as a lamp illuminating the atmosphere of the adjacent square. Here the Cafeteria will be open till late. Finally, on entering the Main Lobby all required functions are economically linked and easy to reach including the Entrance of the Reading Area with its access control.
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