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Bosnia and Herzegovina


VARNA LIBRARY DESCRIPTION Varna Library consists of two blocks, defined as interaction of reading area and book storage, interplay of readers and books, representing a meeting point of different cultures coexisting in Varna. Two blocks are split following surrounding cityscape and adjacent buildings. Hovering block with reading areas forms covered public square which is directed to city main arteries and opened to inviting central hall area. Compact composition of reading area and book storage that perfectly complement each other enables efficient space organisation with short and simple flows for visitors, staff and books. Interaction zone between two blocks is attractive void with surrounding focal space full of natural light and greenery with pleasent microclimate, defined as 3D socializing and meeting area. Roof reading gardens give majestic view to city scape and Black see. Contrasting functions are expressed by using black and white facade panels which ensure control of natural lighting and energy efficiency.
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