FABre tect



The new typology of library buildings must offer ways of interaction between buildings and public spaces that goes beyond the usual building-plaza relationship. We propose the concept of the “cloud” as a deposit of information that is easily accessed but intangible by nature. It becomes a place where you interact with the communities’ cultural reservoir, a floating tank that maximizes the public realm by minimizing the built footprint and preserves the existing green areas. The building’s interior becomes part of the public realm; a meeting place and an event space, you can walk through it to the other side, hide under it when it rains and surf the web while you wait. The public “space” is the volume under the cloud rather than the flat 2d square in front of the building. It reaching from one street to the other by utilizing the transparency of the first three levels that house the public program and the accessibility from all surrounding streets to and through the building.
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