Fatih Aydemir



In front of adjacent municipality building plot, the pedestrian alle lies along the boulevard. It is intended to leave current landscape elements as far as possible as the greenery, walkways, flower pots, trees reflects the characteristics of Osmi Primorski Polk Boulevard at these plots already. Given the fact that visible parts of the built environment has a direct impact on the greenery area of the plot, one of the main concept of our design is to keep the current greenery area adjacent to pedestrian walkway. Therefore, the building is located on existing open car park area on the ground levels and first three floor levels are withdrawn from the over ground construction border. However, tree transplantation is a must during the construction of underground car park. A passage walkway is designed on the ground level in order to ease the pedestrian approach to the municipality building from Bratya Miladinovi Street. The passage separates the entrances of both the library and the events area which will brings capability to organize events outside of the library’s operation hours.
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