Яна Янкова, Андрей Кутищев, Гергана Павлова



The Library is the heart of knowledge. Our proposal is a building complex of inter-connected spaces, grouped by function, but united by the idea that knowledge is available for everyone. Тhe ground floor is accessible for everyone, inviting all to mingle together. The kids’ floor is specially designed for artistic expression and learning through play. The upper level is designed for teens, followed by specialized library collections and the uppermost floor is for adults. A roof terrace provides leisure for all. The atrium symbolizes connectivity between all members of society. The architectural form blends the present built environment of the large scale Municipality building and the smaller residential units. The Library consists of a large storage block and a composition of step-like volumes with public library amenities. The façade is composed of opaque and translucent elements with functional meaning, creating a dynamic and multilayered image like the world around us.
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