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1 “Culture Rock” establishes a symbiotic relation with the context, complementing the near tower of the city hall with a vertical library that brings a new cultural program and a contemporary expression that symbolizes the modern city of Varna. 2 Recognizable urban landmark characterized by its sculptural volume inspired by the “Wonderful Rocks”, the famous natural landmark of the county of Varna. 3 Outdoor library as iconic and multifunctional landscape with outdoor reading areas, meeting rooms, working spaces, Wi-Fi area, café terrace, children zone and amphitheater. 4 Open and accessible building characterized by an interior street that connects the outdoor library in the public space with the different public levels of the indoor library. 5 "Lighthouse of Culture" as reference of the night urban landscape of Varna. 6 Rational structure and efficient functionality. 7 Flexible interior space that encourages visitors' interaction in the inner street and meeting plazas. 8 Versatile façade made of a multilayer skin that provides comfort promoting environmental sustainability.
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