PLUSR Chitecture



*AD INFINITUM Taking advantage of the competition challenge, we desire an infinity spatial treasure for the city of Varna. Believing that the idea of knowledge and archive, cannot be fitted in a ‘’finite’’ structural body, we suggest an eternal spatial elaborative procedure. We imagine the new Varna Library as an active apparatus for deposition, knowledge and human interaction. Being so close to the Municipality building, which functions as a monument of structural brutality, there is no need of mass antagonism. We ‘’covet’’ on creating an unexpected spatial openness through the absence of matter; focusing on the public effect of our synthesis. We introduce a delight reality embodied with the idea of a public hub than a self-ego ‘’monument’’. The ‘’holistic scaffold’’ occupies the current permitted plot limits aiming to a consecutive remind of the evolving action. Through the elevation of the access levels, we allow the urban ground to become the new reference point of the city realm. Simultaneously, the whole building becomes the capstone of urban vitality. Additionally, the hierarchic ‘’stacking of the functions creates a spatial continuum expos- ing anew the whole idea of mixing knowledge, leisure and communication. As a result, we expect an ever growing topography of human efficiency in terms of real excess... Ground level Built-up Area: 801,50 m2 Total Build-up Area: 15.709 m2 Total Green Area: 3.6795 m2 Total Underground Parking Slots: 314 (9 disabled incl.)
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