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Every book is a journey, each tells a story. The quest for knowledge always flows through no matter what time or age. We believe that libraries must evolve and continue to have a distinct role in the sharing of knowledge through the stories that this sharing entails. Experiences and stories will always remain precious and provide the web that connects society. These stories form the Varna Library. It disseminates and generates experiences and stories in addition to preserving and sheltering ideas. It’s a series of variated experiences that brings people together, not just with knowledge and learning but also into the act of sharing these learnings. This community of spaces form interrelated civic areas creating an assembly of the richness and breadth of Varna’s history and culture. It’s a concentration of public activity acting as a new type of urban knot that ties together the energy of active pursuits with the quiet contemplation of reading in a narrative that the people of Varna and its visitors will share and relate to.
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