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VARNA LIBRARY is a dynamic sculpture, in contrast to the surrounding buildings. Its form brings excitement into the area. It is representative and intriguing through its shape and vibrancy. It marks a new urban hotspot. The shape resembles an upward winding spiral, symbolising the endless need for experience and knowledge. The FAÇADE consists of a regular sequence of equally sized vertical glass and form precast stone-elements. The density varies – wider elements for the ground and office floors ensure more light and openness, the collections have a smaller grid to protect the books from direct sunlight but still enable natural ventilation and comfortable reading areas. The storage facility is of precast stone elements, with only a few glass elements for natural ventilation. There are GREEN ZONES on the street level and on the roof terraces. The existing trees on the south and north parts of the plot are preserved. Low primary ENERGY demand as the shell prevents overheating, allows natural cooling and ventilation, PV-elements on the roofs.
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