Огнян Кръстев



MISSION This project presents eternal knowledge by housing books and digital media in contemporary surroundings, which encourage socialising within the recreational and study areas, and also in the children’s play area where books are available to promote learning. CONCEPT Our solution offers more functions to the traditional library by presenting a new space for organising events, working, studying, meeting and recreation. The architectural concept of the volume and shape of the new library is to link to the surrounding cityscape and integrate the new building with the open areas around Varna Municipality Hall in a new urban area which will be attractive to people. The functional concept of the project solution is to join all the 3 functions of the library – a depository, a public library and a university library, and to create a clear zoning between the public and the servicing functions. All the inner spaces in the library have a direct and visual connection and are well lit and spacious.
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