Kohki Hiranuma



We propose a compact volume of library featuring the nature of Varna spread throughout the site wi th a sense of r ich cl imate and envi ronment . T o begi n wi t h t h e pl a n n i ng s i t e , t h e a r e a appeared to be narrow in relation to the quantity of books that library seeks. In other words, the solut ion for thi s l ibrar y had a tendency in ending up with creating a massive architecture. Large faci l i t ies wi l l resul t in being distant in the present s tate of things as whi le gi v ing pressure to one’ s l iving space or even to the city. For this reason, we propose small volume of archi tecture closely dist r ibuted throughout the si te, which is appropr iate to the locat ion. Large l ibrary tends to be art i f icial ly bounded, however this library captures the nature in Black Sea, blending with the cityscape of Varna. This library gather people, serve people, valued by people, and people continuously discover new value on it.
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