“Meet me at the Brain”: If this phrase enters the everyday dialogues of the Varna residents and visitors, then the scope of this building proposal will have been successful. By adding popular functions such as a café/bar and a small mall with gym at the ground level, we aim to attract a larger number of visitors than would usually be interested in typical sterilized libraries. The design is based on the human brain’s morphology where several parts of the cerebrum executing different functions are connected around a central lobe, which in our case is the main theatre/auditorium at the upper floors. This unique element floating above the stairhall atrium and the 6th fl. garden is covered by a zero-energy media interactive skin, made of photovoltaic LED panels that generate the power needed for its own function. The skin also transmits the messages, images and videos of the library, to the city. It becomes iconic symbol and lighthouse for the city center, a landmark. The sustainability is further complemented by the design of reading gardens that include greenery and water elements.
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