The context of the city of Varna and the global economic and social atmosphere in the country of Bulgaria calls for a pragmatic approach when designing new public buildings. This is not a place which will benefit from an iconic statement building which has questionable usability and a “look at me” outfit. The truth is the city needs much more than a new library. It also needs more venues to host events of different scales, it needs public space with a flexible use, it needs a place where people can socialize, it needs space where people park their cars and probably most of all it needs a contemporary place where they can feel like they are not falling behind the rest of the modern world. This new building for the Regional Library of Varna is a chance to put together the different pieces of the puzzle it now represents but also a chance to make a good impact on the city needs and set a good example for the whole society that good things can happen in their city as well.
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