Ива Николаева Колева



The architectural design of the library is inspired by the human being’s need of continuous development. This idea is recreated through "The Stairway of Knowledge". The very first steps begin at the sidewalk itself, where they arouse "curiosity" and invite the people inside. At the main lobby, which is open and accessible to everyone, there are wide stairs and a ramp leading to the most attractive place - the level of "interest". This is a meeting area, spread with temporary exhibitions, multifunctional halls, computer terminals, a coffee shop and entertainments. From there the stairway starts, leading to all traditional library activities, bookshelves, reading areas, working spaces and the archives to them. This is the visual connection between all different levels and by reaching the upper floors, the visitors are rewarded with an inspiring view over the sea and the city. The Arts and media center are located at the top of the Varna Regional Library.
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