ВБ Студио



Desire of knowledge is the driving force. Historically, bulgaria have gone through many difficult periods and the thing that have preserved us over the centuries is the desire of knowledge and yearing in bulgarian language. Till these days, varna, as seaside capital has been center of people with different nationalities and religions. Conditionality on these facts, the goal of our project is creating a building, uniting the society and become the core of knowledge in the city. The building is composed from two volumes, one for depository–“knowledge” and second for reading and community functions–“the people”. The volumes are united through perforated plate, which resembles stylized waves and symbolizes the seaside capital. The space between the two bodies is formed as atrium through all levels and thus the book depository remains visible from the atrium. By tilting and glazing the interior façade of depository, in the atrium is created forceful sensation of infinite wall of books.
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