Sebastien Ferrand



The library is situated in the north part of the plot, unfolded into two wings open towards the city and encompassing the esplanade. The library presents a medium scale structure between the Municipality and the residential part. The existing afforested spots conceal the library and only the fore-part of the cafe аnd the terrace come into view out of the trees. The dislocated construction of the library achieved by transposition of the levels resembles pages of a book or leaves of a tree. The afforested spots are reproduced in the inner part of the ground floor by “curtains” made of wooden profiles, which inspire the illusion of a forest. The ground floor presents a natural continuation of the public space.The wooden profiles pass vertically through the floors resembling tree trunks and encompass the spacious halls of the library. In one of the corners of the ground floor there is a differentiated amphitheater. Without infringing the transparent space of the ground floor, the wide wooden staircase leads us towards the upper floors and gradually a panoramic view burst upon us.
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