With the design of the new Varna Library the city of Varna will allow an emergence of a new space which will enable people the chance to explore the art, history, and culture accumulated since the presence of the city. It will merge the local and the visitor community of all generations under a single roof with big public plaza in front to cherish Varna’s multicultural nature. The indoor spaces has been organised by following the access limitations of open, controlled and restricted access zones and the Cores and Book Storage (Archive) is located in the Center of the Building which allows open plan function all around. The Mesh Façade is designed to increase the energy efficiency by providing shading. The flow of İnformation rethought at a city scale by creating strong links within people and the urban context. The iconic character of the library creates the fluidity of the perception which is combined with the soul of the contemporary Library Design in the city of Varna.
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