Иван Стоянов Кунчев, Вяра Кирилова Запрева, Антон Стоянов Анотнов



It is a well-known fact that the bond between knowledge and modern man has come to a critical point – one that has already shown its effect upon our society. Our project aims at healing this bond and establishing new connections where they don’t currently exist. Though a long-term objective we must start somewhere. First, we must arrange a “meeting” between our two protagonists. So we asked ourselves a question – What will bring new people to our Library so we can meet “knowledge” and “the modern man”. Luxury and shiny finishes will surely help, but we need something more than that – we need a Motivation Engine. Therefore we designed a space to host this “meeting”– an atrium closed to the “outer world” and opened to an inmost one. A core that connects our four main floors with the vast book storage of Varna, thus showing it to the audience. Our goal was to create an introvert building that will let “the modern man” find his way back to “knowledge” in a calm and friendly environment – away from the stress of the day.
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