MPRCO architects



The main aim of the proposal was to create a new, living cultural and information center in a contemporary form, respecting the surrounding cityscape, and in the same time in a form which could become a significant landmark on the cultural map of Bulgaria. The positioning of our proposal on the site is a result of urban analysis of the pedestrian and traffic flow. A site like that, in a center of modern city demands creating a playful public space which would become a meeting point that hosts everyday social interactions, while providing a wide circulation trough the site and a prelude to the main entrance of building. One of our major focuses was also to keep the form readable in aspect of different functions placed in building. For such, the final form consist of a main volume that holds the actual library, and from which three additional cubes dynamically emerges hosting spaces for the mayor space. Thanks to this treatment we obtained a playful, yet simple image of the ensemble.
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