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The new library is to be the central library combining from 6 different buildings throughout the city. Its purposeful development will bring extensive services to visitors in the center of Varna. The design site has its unique building boundary. The height limit for right to sunshine to the neighbors creates the interesting form by its slope on the roof area. The boundaries are a pre-made form of architecture. It is weather friendly for the seasons of rain and snow by itself. To respect this condition has very much necessitated into our design. In addition to its pre-defined form, creating environment through the library is to appeal its presence of the building to the city. Its usages and needs have to be well presented by the elements of architecture. So, we intended the main core to be displayed in a manner of outdoor showcase. Our design was to make this core book shelves to be a presentable element to capture visitors’ senses with an impression of how they are seeing and being welcomed.
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