A&A Architects



A Ship of Knowledge The project redefines the traditional library into a versatile, interactive space for exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge. Inspired by the history of Varna - deeply connected to the sea and shipbuilding - we consider the library as a symbolic ship carrying our knowledge through time. Hull-shaped forms create a multifunctional public space, providing a spectacular journey to the library above. The floors are green and lightweight, opposed to the traditional massive library outlook, and step inward, reminiscent of a bookshelf or a cargo ship. Internal spaces are vast, light and multilayered, connected into an interactive space by a central atrium, with more secluded reading/working areas. The interior is adaptable to various scenarios, also capable of hosting new media technologies. High sustainability is achieved by holistic passive solutions, such as adaptive façade, green roofs, rainwater and natural light use, managed microclimate, geothermal and solar energy.
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